Natural-looking, salon-quality highlights, made easy.

Revlon Frost&Glow™ is the easy-to-use, at-home highlighting kit that delivers natural-looking, salon-quality highlights. Whether you're looking to create subtle or dramatic highlights, our exclusive LightZones™ cap makes application easy and uniform, and the new Create-A-Look Hook is dual-ended for increased precision to create a range of customized looks. Revlon Frost&Glow™ is ammonia-free for maximum gentleness and has deep conditioners for optimal softness and shine.

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It's easy to achieve foolproof highlights using the Frost&Glow® highlighting kit with our exclusive Lightzones® precision cap.

To achieve different highlighting effects, the customizing cap is divided into three sections: Face Framing, Crown and Back. You control your look by selecting the number of sections and holes to pull your hair through for color accents. With the new Create-A-Look Hook, you can choose more or less hair for increased control and a look from subtle to bold.

Face Framing:
Apply the mixture on a few strands around your face and bangs, if you have them. This style is highly recommended for short hairstyles and thin or fine hair, as it ensures you achieve an accented, multi-dimensional look without applying too much product.

Add highlights along the crown of your hair to add dimension and interest.

All Over Highlights:
Place highlights throughout your hair to add shimmering light all over.

By choosing the sections and holes in the cap you pull strands through to highlight, you can achieve subtle or striking effects.

Try to select new strands that have not been previously highlighted. They'll blend with your previously highlighted ones for a fresh, new look.